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Hunger Games Mocking Jay Teen Fiction Book

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Some of the top tween fiction books include the trilogy: The Hunger Games, Mockingjay, Catching Fire as well as Eragon, The Book Thief, The Giver, The Outsiders, Uglies and other top teen fiction books that are actually for adults as well.

Childrens fiction books may be classified by publishers for families as pre-teen, ya or young adult and readers in this category typically include 9 year old and up readers.  The stories may be science fiction, take place in a recent year such as 2015, or in the past or future (dystopian).  Parents often help kids find books that are voted highly on top 100 lists or that may be in the school library.

The popularity of a story that people will love may depend on positive online reviews, alot of positive word of mouth and personal tips from other kids and friends.  YA books may have a “save the world” type of plot with ships and battles, or even be on the darker side depending on the targeted age range.   A popular teen fiction book with a high rating that flies off of store shelves is more affordable in the paperpack version.  Sometimes publishers release a hardcover version first to maximize sales before following up with the paperback book.

Online book stores can quickly deliver an even less expensive version (though the digital version is not always less expensive than the print version) for various e-reader devices including the Kindle and Nook.  Typical prices range from $7.97 – $17.99 for a popular paperback ya novel depending on where you shop and the type of book. In the U.S.A., a bestseller that is in the top 100 is a quick way to discover some American favorites which results in a shorter amount of time to sift through romance, travel, mystery and books in other genres.

A beginning reader may also want to read some of the classic books that have been around for decades such as Lord of the Flies, Catcher in the Rye and other timeless fiction.

Teen fiction books make great gifts as an alternative to video games and toys.  Recommendations for readers of ya / youngadultfiction classified books include the Harry Potter Series and the new books by teen author Justin James in his Chronicles of Night series.

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