Best Teen Books of 2015

Death of DulgathYoung adult novels for teens can be many different types including urban fantasy, paranormal, romance, fantasy fiction and more.

Popular reads released and to be released for 2015 include Queen of Shadows, Winter, End of Days, The Sword of Summer and the third book in the Chronicles of Night by Justin James called Rise of the Ancients.

All time favorites still include books like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the Hunger Games, The Book Thief and Catching Fire as well as Mockingjay, Eclipse and The Lightning Thief.

New books include Skull Throne and The Liar’s Key, which partners Prince Jalan with the bold Viking warrier, Snorri.

Most recently, the Death of Dulgath was released by author Michael J . Sullivan and is the third book in the Riyria Chronicles series.

The Liars Key

Best Teen Books of 2014

Five Kindoms and Brotherbanda2014 has been a great year for reading.  While books such as Five Kingdoms by Brandon Mull and Brotherband Scorpion Mountain were on the shelves, Justin James was still penning his third novel – the sequel to The Conquest of Night and The Citadel of Night.  The new and final book of the trilogy is scheduled to be published in the Spring of 2015.

The Brotherband book by Flanagan is meanwhile, one of the best in this genre and the 5th in that series.

There are other good romance teen reads in 2014 including Empire of Shadows (Bhinian Empire number 2) featuring Mara who was cast out by her family years ago.  Another highly rated book is Endsinger (third book in the Lotus War series) with an action packed page turner.

Some of these novels also make great Christmas gifts.


Have a healthy, happy holiday season this year and all the best in 2015!

Top Teen Fiction

Justin James Releases Book 2: The Citadel of Night

The Citadel of Night teen fiction bookThe Citadel of Night is hitting the shelves and online stores as this sequel is the continuation of the Conquest of Night (book 1) by teen author Justin James.

In the Citadel of Night, Jackson explores a mythical forest and must make his way through it alive to get to the main battle at the Citadel.  Cate joins him for the journey and the book reads like a well-written movie script.  You can literally visualize the amazing scenery in this fantasy fiction novel.  This book is even better written than the first one and the reader grows along with the story and the author simultaneously.

This series is ideal for readers 9+.


Goodreads Winners Announced Best Books 2013

The winners were announced for the best books of 2013 in 20 different categories.  Although Justin James’ book The Conquest of Night did not make the list this year, the sequel which is just being released called The Citadel of Night has a better chance.  It is recommended that readers read the first book before embarking on The Citadel since that book is a chronological continuation of the first book.

Winners included Khaled Hosseini’s And The Mountains Echoed in the fiction category, Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life in the historical fiction category and The Ocean at The End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman in the fantasy category.

Young Adult Fantasy was won by Allegiant, another great Veronica Roth novel.

In total, readers cast about 2 million votes and these results best reflect the voice of actual readers vs. a sometimes less objective panel of a few insiders.

Book author winners this year Goodreads

Visit for more about The Conquest of Night.

Books vs Ereaders – We Still Like Books Better

For the reader on the go, there is nothing more convenient than a Kindle, Nook or other ereader to quickly access books on the go.  But this infographic tells a different story of many of us still preferring physical books to digital downloads.  What do you think?  Leave a comment below.

Books vs Ereaders

Top Teen Book Publishing Houses

Some of the top teen fiction book publishers include Harper Collins, HarperTeen, Simon & Shuster, Scholastic, Penguin, Disney/Hyperion, Candlewick, Farrar, Dutton, Random House and Viking.

The YA genre’s popularity got a huge boost with Scholastic Press’ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone published in 2003 and first published in 1997.  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins continues to increase the popularity of young adult fiction even among adults.  This book was also published by Scholastic Press in 2008 and won many literary awards including being a nominee for the Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s Book Award (2011) and winning the Red House Children’s Book Award for Older Readers & Overall (2010), New York Times Notable Children’s Book (2008), Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of The Year, South Carolina Book Award for Junior and Young Adult Book Awards (2011), Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award (2010), Teen Buckeye Book Award (2009), Rhode Island Teen Book Award (2010), Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award (2010), ALA Teens’ Top Ten (2009), Milwaukee County Teen Book Award Nominee (2010), Sakura Medal for Middle School Book (2010) and many more.

The Twilight series published by Little, Brown and Co. and first published in 2006 also concurrently increased awareness of teen fiction with a vampire twist.

Disney/Hyperion books had a hit in 2006 with Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan and Eragon was introduced to young readers by Knopf publishing.

In Canada, publishing companies have their own divisions or are their own entire companies depending on their arrangements with larger parent companies in the U.S.
Top books in Canada at Harper Collins recently included the classic A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and The Rescue of Belle and Sundance. Top authors in Canada at Harper Collins include Amanda Lang, Nancy Richler, John Ibbitson, Arlene Dickinson, Beth Abramson, Diane Mott Davidson, Kat Tancock, J R R Tolkien, and Luca Dotti. Some authors read at local libraries and hold book signings.

Divergent is one of Harper Collins’ best teen fiction books.

The Conquest of Night Book by Teen Author Justin James is Available on Amazon

The Conquest of Night

conquestnightThe new teen fiction book written by a teen for teens is The Conquest of Night by Justin James.  In the book, the protagonist Jackson finds himself in a new world caught between two warring factions the Eternai and the Night.  Although they previously coexisted peacefully for centuries, the battle and conquest for the land and its people has begun with Jackson right in the middle.  This wonderful book features flying beasts, castle wars and other mythical characters.

From the back cover:

“Jackson Taeric lived in a small town of Hartengle, Canada, leading an average
and uneventful life. That was until one eventful winter’s day. He was chased
into a small clearing within the forest he passed through hundreds of times
before. In this glade he stumbled upon a gateway, and woke up to find himself in
a distant and strange land, gripped by war.

In this new world, the Night, a
powerful group of grey-skinned people, launched a seemingly unprovoked attack
against the Eternai, who have coexisted in peace for centuries. The Night press
on their conquest of the land of the Eternai, whose loyal citizens struggle to
band together and repel the invaders. Jackson must chose a side, for the
decisions he will make in this distant land could lead to the downfall of an

Get The Conquest of Night in paperback on Amazon in the U.S.: The Conquest of Night Book by Justin James

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