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Justin James Releases Book 2: The Citadel of Night

The Citadel of Night is hitting the shelves and online stores as this sequel is the continuation of the Conquest of Night (book 1) by teen author Justin James. In the Citadel of Night, Jackson explores a mythical forest and must make his way through it alive to get to the main battle at the […]

New Teen Fiction Releases for July 2012

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson Before Wendy came onto the scene, there was a thing between Peter and Tiger-Lily.  She struggles with Peter’s  whimsical nature vs. the structure of the tribe and finds herself in a struggle between a prearranged marriage and her growing love for Peter. Then Wendy Darling appears on the scene […]

Young Adult Fiction Books – YA

Teen fiction is also called Young Adult Fiction (YA) or even juvenile fiction, although I have never heard it called that. In any case, young adults, teens and tweens encompass YA (ages 12-18). The fiction genre is the most popular among YA books and the protagonist is usually a teen. Some popular YA authors include […]

Summer Teen Fiction Reads for 2012

Summer is a great time to get caught up on reading not possible during the school year. Some of the most popular young adult fiction books include the Harry Potter series (for all of you who have not read them yet), the Hunger Games series, Beyonders, Twilight, Ender’s Game, The Lord of the Rings, Percy […]

Hunger Games Suzanne Collins Book 1

The Hunger Games series of books is one of the most popular young adult books of all time. The 2012 movie is also highly popular. The story is about survival in the wild where one member of each community is pitted against each other for one eventual winner and death to the others. The time […]

Popular Fiction Books – Some Become Movies

A popular fiction book strikes a chord with millions of readers worldwide. Film producers take note and then make the movie.  Most of the time “the movie is not as good as the book”!  That is because we each insert our own personality and vision into the words we read in a book, and sometimes […]

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