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The Conquest of Night

conquestnightThe new teen fiction book written by a teen for teens is The Conquest of Night by Justin James.  In the book, the protagonist Jackson finds himself in a new world caught between two warring factions the Eternai and the Night.  Although they previously coexisted peacefully for centuries, the battle and conquest for the land and its people has begun with Jackson right in the middle.  This wonderful book features flying beasts, castle wars and other mythical characters.

From the back cover:

“Jackson Taeric lived in a small town of Hartengle, Canada, leading an average
and uneventful life. That was until one eventful winter’s day. He was chased
into a small clearing within the forest he passed through hundreds of times
before. In this glade he stumbled upon a gateway, and woke up to find himself in
a distant and strange land, gripped by war.

In this new world, the Night, a
powerful group of grey-skinned people, launched a seemingly unprovoked attack
against the Eternai, who have coexisted in peace for centuries. The Night press
on their conquest of the land of the Eternai, whose loyal citizens struggle to
band together and repel the invaders. Jackson must chose a side, for the
decisions he will make in this distant land could lead to the downfall of an

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